Privacy Policy


Privacy Act notice: All personal information we acquire during the course of your transaction will be treated as confidential. We do not release any information to “non-related” third parties nor do we sell your personal information such as name or email address.

Your personal information will be used to provide you with the products, services or information you request; and, as applicable, to satisfy any reporting requirements for customs purposes when shipping your order.

Providing this information is voluntary, but if not provided, we may not process your transaction. We do not disclose your information to third parties without your consent except to facilitate your transaction, to act on your behalf or request with contractors and other entities aiding us in the fulfillment of the service and/or products requested (our service providers) including USPS, UPS, FEDEX, DHL or any other shipping and transporting company used in connection with the shipping of your order, or as legally required.

This includes the following limited circumstances: to a congressional office; to financial entities regarding any issues arising from your financial transaction; to entities of law enforcement as required by law or legal proceedings; and to domestic and international customs agencies pursuant to federal law and/or international treaties or agreements in connection with the shipping of your order as well as any other governmental entities with authority over exportation.







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